Saturday, April 30, 2016

U for Umbrella

U have seen varieties of umbrellas in my life. Most prominent are the black ones. And nowadays there are so many pretty ones with designs. There are rainbow coloured umbrellas which look so pretty that I actually bought one in one of the tragic signals. How many times have I used it? Probably a couple of times. The reason being it's huge. It doesn't fit in my bag and only I am stepping out of the house for a walk to a store, do I use it.  And if it's raining, unless it's an emergency I wouldn't step out. I would rather sit by the window watching the drops splash around letting few drops on my face. Anyway I digress.

So I have a brown umbrella with small white dots on it. It's foldable, easily fir in my bag. Before that I had another small one which was blue and had pretty flowers on it. Well I exchanged the brown one with my mom coz I loved that more than the blue one.

At home we also have that big black umbrella which was used in the olden times by uncles as a walking stick too. That umbrella reminds me of our olden times so much. 

During school times instead of umbrellas we had to take raincoats. I used  to hate them. They would stick to you but made sure you stayed dry. This was the time I had seen the umbrella which could just be fit to your head. This was usually worn by kids. A colourful rainbow umbrella which had a band attached, thus could be fit to your forehead.

Those were hands free umbrellas. I really loved them, but never owned them. Even today I have seen people selling them. But it's only for kids. I don't mind buying one if somebody is selling it for adults. 

Hands free umbrellas for adults. Anyone? 

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