Sunday, April 03, 2016

C for Creative

I was talking to a friend’s kid recently, and asked her if she likes stories. Then I asked her,  if she can tell a story. I was hoping for a crazy, out of the world, impossible things in the story. My brother used to tell me such stories. He used to start off with – Raja and Rani were travelling in a bus. The conductor got a dog in the bus etc etc. They were totally irrelevant and made no sense, but they were so imaginative and entertaining. But what I heard was this – “Once upon a time, there was a thirsty crow.” I thought its fine, now the crow will do something. After that I saw her turning towards her mother and saying “Mamma, what is it after this. I forgot the line”.

Another incident, rather an advertisement I saw on TV. A kid writes an amazing essay on his drive with his dad, and the principal complains to the dad that his son is writing all impossible things. Is this what the schools these days want from children. Shouldn’t they be happy true or not true, the children are trying to be creative, are trying to imagine things?

As a kid, I have always loved stories. It takes you to the land of imagination and your brain runs wild. I don’t remember how it was when were kids, when we had to tell stories in school. But we had one teacher who would tell us stories, and they would be so interesting, and unique. I am sure our teacher just let her creative juices flow and let the imagination set in and just go on with those stories. Probably all these things dint help us in our academics directly. But yes, in life it surely helped. It made us believe, there are somethings which can be beyond our imagination. It made us appreciate fantasy land.

As you grow up, like memories and stories, you accumulate a lot of materialistic stuff. Sometimes you don’t want to throw it. Bang!!! There is an idea in your head. You don’t want to go by the book. You want to try something different. Just like the person in your story, who had something extraordinary. You want to be that unique person. But how will you be unique, if you do something in the same way its always be done… That’s when you let the CREATIVE juices flow!!!


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