Thursday, April 28, 2016

Q for Question

Questioning is an art? Depending on the question you get suitable answers. Your knowledge increases, the more you ask questions. It increases your thinking ability and makes you a rational and logical person. The 5 main questions which sum up an entire questionare are :

Ofcourse these are just the templates. What you do with them? Why are you doing that? With whom are you doing ? How are you planning to do? By when would you do it?

These questions will answer most of your questions.

As a kid, I was a very curious person and ask lot of questions. Sometimes people would get fed up of me or say that I would not understand. But that did not stop me from asking questions.

Even now I ask a lot of questions. You should not be embarrassed that you are asking a stupid question. It might be stupid for someone else... but may be very important to you. And a lot of times it so happens that so called stupid question actually solves a problem.

Never underestimate a question and never look down upon the person questioning you. Atleast the person is attempting to listen and understand what you are saying. Respect that.

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