Tuesday, April 26, 2016

O for Orange

Well, no it’s not the fruit, it’s the color I am talking about here. Every time we ask somebody their favorite color, it’s usually, black/white/pink/blue/red/yellow/green. Very rarely do you get to hear Orange.

Well, I don’t know if it’s my favorite color either. It’s not that I want to see this color all the time. Or It’s not that my wardrobe is full of outfits of this color.

But the best place where I like this color is, when it adorns the sky twice a day.

Sunrise and Sunset, these 2 amazing phenomenon, without which our world cannot survive, witness the beautiful shades of orange.

Every morning and evening, its seems like somebody has taken the sky for a canvas and painted it with different shades of orange. You can just forget yourself and be one with nature during this time.

Well, if somebody asks is this phenomenon a favorite of mine, I would say, look at my blog title.. You will see a beautiful sunrise. And for now, my background – Fire, also indicates the same.

We were told as kids sun rises in the east and sets in the west, later we realized, sun is going anywhere, but it’s us on earth revolving around the sun. Well, whatever may be the theory, this phenomenon has the power to make people stop whatever activities they are doing and take a glance at it and smile atleast once….

As long as Sunrise and Sunset, splash the sky with the vibrant Orange, our world is alive.

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