Friday, April 08, 2016

G for God

God – a very common topic, I am sure. But the feelings for God. Is that common too?

I think my relationship with God, is a very private one. We might pray in front of others, might pretend not to believe in God, might pretend to have faith in God, depending on how our surroundings are. But what we really feel about God, is something we cannot express in front of others.

Are we scared of God? Or do we think of God as our friend? Do we believe, God will punish the evil? Is there an evil? Do the evil have their own God?

As children, we are always taught, be good, else God will punish you. May be God does punish you. But when is something we are not aware? I have seen people, who have not been very nice at one point of time, and felt, God are you going to punish them or not? Years later, I see them in a not so happy state. Is it their punishment? I don’t know. I probably don’t care anymore.

I know of people, who are scared of certain Gods, but are on friends with some Gods. And we also have our favorite Gods.

Well, I am not disclosing what kind of relation I have with God. Not totally. I sometimes feel its faith. There are days when I feel, God doesn’t exist, and maybe I am an atheist. There are other days when I have 100% faith in God. There have been days when I have had a conversation with God as if talking to a friend.

So what is God to me? I don’t know yet. I don’t plan on finding out either. May be God is my best friend. Maybe when I am really in need, God will do some God deed. We are also taught isn’t it. God helps them who help themselves.

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