Saturday, April 30, 2016

Y for Yellow

Yellow yellow dirty fellow, this is a very common phrase heard. Agreed yellow is a little risky colour, but it's not always dirty. There are various shades of yellow which are subtle and easy on the eyes. It's considered a summery colour. It's Infact supposed to be colour of the sun.

Sunshine is associated with yellow. Everytime we would draw the usual drawing of 2 hills and half sun peeping out of those hills. The sun would be coloured yellow.

Sunflower, one of the very beautiful flowers is yellow in colour. And it's such a unique flower that it always faces the sun.

For my niece's birthday, we did a sunshine theme party and all of them were required to come in yellow. That's when many of us realized we did not have anything in yellow. I had only yellow shoes, and wondered why i did not have any yellow clothing.

It's a very tricky colour and choosing the right shade of yellow elevates your look. Right now in our place, the sun is painting the town yellow 

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