Monday, April 04, 2016

D for Doll

Doll is what is one of my many names. But its not everybody who knows me calls me. Its not even few of them, its not my family, its not my set of friends. It is just one friend. She is not just a friend. She is my best friend. And I have written about her earlier too - here and here .
Infact, as I think about all my friends, I think now, she is the only one with whom I am closest to. We don’t stay in the same place, not even in the same country.. But I can share my feelings with her anytime. She is my 3.00 AM friend.. Well, the fact that we stay in different timezones help. Ofcourse there are times, when we wish we are together in the same place, so that we can meet often. But this distance, is not a barrier for us.
Going back to Doll. This started when we joined our first company together. We became close friends, and I don’t actually remember why she started call me Doll. I call her Flwr. Again, I don’t know the reason. Its been more than 12 years of our friendship. We have been thru ups and downs. We have been thru our cold wars. We have been thru the phase were we have told each other, that we think the other person doesn’t care for us. After all this, now we are at a stage, where we are totally comfortable with each other.
When I tell her something which is upsetting me, I don’t have to think twice. I know she will not judge me. She knows I will not judge her. There are times, when I have had some feelings, or there have been situations where I am angry at someone, and I would have reacted in not a good way. I can share that with her, without worrying about what she will think of me. I know that she knows what kind of a person I am. And, when I say this, I think I am saying it for the both of us. We are there for each other. We don’t judge each other. That doesn’t mean we don’t tell the other person, what they did might not be right. We listen to each other. We comfort each other. We don’t really have to thank each other for being present in our lives. I am so glad we got to meet each other, while she was here.. and spent an entire day.
Oh, and inspite of all these years, and all the memories and we being grown up and mature and all that.. She still calls me Doll and I love it. She is my Flwr. And in all possibility, you are the only one reading this too J

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Hema Iyer said...

:-) The nickname is apt for you :D.
Enjoying this series a lot.