Saturday, April 23, 2016

M for Mango

It's summer... There is one fruit which everybody waits for in this season and it's MANGO.

My love for Mango has been there forever. As kids, during summer vacations we go visit our paternal grandparents. There were few mango trees in our house and the summer vacation meant eating mangoes to our heart's content. A mango after breakfast, a mango after lunch, a mango after dinner...oh yeah and if you are bored and want to just munch on something then have a mango.

I am so fond of mangoes that, I scare every fibre out the seed and make it white. People even tease me that one day I will gulp the seed as well.

After everyone moved away from that place, we used to eat the mangoes which were bought outside. The mangoes which were artificially ripened or which looked artificially was sad state eating those mangoes.

My parents now have 2 mango trees. And the precious time we had super fun eating all those mangoes. This year we have already got the unripe new ones and the pickles and chutneys are ready... Once the mangoes are ripe enough we will start gorging on them too...

Bring them on this season. The pic below is from my parent's garden.

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