Saturday, April 30, 2016

V for Voice

Every person has a unique voice. Not everybody can be melodious, and not everybody sounds like a broken radio.

I was very interested in joining music class. And I did join the carnatic music class when I was in 4-5 std. I used to love those classes. Since we were only a few of us it was individual lessons that we would get.

This meant when our teacher taught the kids some advanced lessons,  I would be more interested, and would listen to them singing with eagerness and also in my mind imagine me singing those songs.

After few months, after the initial sa re ga ma and swara and different talas, we reached my first song - lambodara kakumikara and after couple of weeks reached the 2nd song kereya neeranu kerege chali. 

By this time, I was made the class monitor and after much screaming in the class my voice broke. Just like that, my melodious voice became broken radio.

After that date, everyone who knows me asks me to sing only to tease me. Ofcourse in Antakshari, they need me, since I know lot of songs, but I am definetly not the solo singer type. That is reserved only for G. After he married me, so he is tied to my voice as well forever.

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